Five Microcosmographies

By - Feb 11, 2020

The guard called me by name, a name he gave me and that is not worth repeating here. Today outside of the museum, I strained to see the emerald through the window. Over the heads of couples picnicking across a long lawn, the guard waved to me.

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By - Jan 20, 2020

41st was my block.

Forty one hunned.


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You and Me and Like, Where Do We Go, After All This Time?

By - Jan 13, 2020

I fucked my best most prestigious dog in the world today. Fucking my best dog in the world felt so good.

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By - Dec 17, 2019

I intended to write about the brutal car wreck I was inches away from being involved in but didn’t. Now I must trick my body again.

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Drone Gone!

By - Dec 9, 2019

Norman warned him once. Of all the places you could fly that thing! he yelled at the sky, loud enough for the kid to hear him. It was a perfect blue day, the trees were still, our coffees still hot.

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Two Stories

By - Nov 25, 2019

You can gamble in the casino of stars at night where the moon looks like a pill and God deals you a terrible hand and there are no limits. You, the famous unknown, holding your baby and your syringe, waiting to be discovered by reality. Head full of sky, throat full of spiders.

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By - Nov 20, 2019

in his professionalism, he seemed slightly nervous as though i might
keep asking him to touch me more and more places, but i didn’t, i too
remained professional, i said, ok thanks for looking i just wanted to make
sure, and i sat up, and he went back to his seat across the room

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excerpts from Little Hollywood

By - Nov 11, 2019

This building must be so tired. I am this building. I am a shit nightclub on the seafront with stained herringbone floors. [Beat.]

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Two Stories

By - Nov 5, 2019

A man on the patio is talking, in a way that seems like he is trying to reach an audience, about a phase in his life when he did push-ups every 15 minutes no matter where he was. Anywhere.

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Somewhere, A Toilet Flushed

By - Oct 28, 2019

He had a head of lettuce between his waxy hands. The place reeked of vinegar. My mother had been snoring strong in their bedroom since I walked in. Dad said she had a toothache.

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Them Looking Back at Us

By - Oct 14, 2019

the whole house smells like fried butter, the walls are impregnated with the smell of butter, because the walls of this house absorb everything, the wife is making steak

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By - Oct 2, 2019

She rattled on enthusiastically about the pros and cons of ordering chocolate, vanilla, or swirl. When we selected swirl, she screamed that we’d made a great choice.

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