The Gibson Damnation Resurfaces

By - Jul 31, 2017

I woke early morning on a continent of urine spreading to the edges of my in-laws’ mattress. The piss, an acrid, ...

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The Hazo Story

By - Jul 30, 2017

It goes like this: we couldn’t call her Grandma. It was Hazo. And she was dying. On her deathbed, in the ...

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By - Jul 26, 2017

when your dead friends come to visit you should invite them in, of course the experience will be almost completely ...

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Four Poems

By - Jul 24, 2017

          *** Sam Cooke (b. 1991) lives and works in New

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Three Stories from “The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories”

By - Jul 21, 2017

  The Greatest Mountain The night was very clear. The lights in the steep alleys of the city and in the ...

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By - Jul 19, 2017

The water where Tom lived was ruined with iron. Tunnels bored into the hills for their coal a hundred years ago had ...

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Three Poems

By - Jul 17, 2017

QUEEN OF THE LITTLE STINKERS I am Queen of the Little Stinkers. Cross me. I dare you. I cry into the black ...

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Two Sections

By - Jul 14, 2017

INTRO I'm going to do a lot of tough thinking. You're furnishing the liquor. Let's mess up our lives the ...

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By - Jul 12, 2017

The new Fellows are sitting in a sports bar after orientation, drinking.      They are talking about things ...

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Three Stories

By - Jul 10, 2017

(Some of) His Drinking Habits      He likes to drink at airport bars, he likes to drink on trains, and he likes ...

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excerpt of Romanian Notebook

By - Jul 7, 2017

The priest’s meeting room is in a building, maybe his domicile, across the street from a large orange church ...

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Two Pills

By - Jul 6, 2017

When I had invited the man to my room, I hadn’t expected him to show up with a woman. I had chewed up two pills ...

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Two Poems from The Honeymoon Stage

By - Jul 3, 2017

in the club part one i’m not addicted to pills i just love the smell like autumn leaves i would crush ...

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