Five Dreams

By - Mar 31, 2017

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Your Freedom Country

By - Mar 27, 2017

October in Bangkok is hot and rainy. I stared out into the city from the back of a pink cab in gridlock, the windows streaked with my own breath. I’d arrived in the capital after a ten-hour bus ride, and I had twelve hours to kill as I waited for another bus to take me further south, to the beach where my friends awaited.

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Cocaine Barbara Plays Whack-a-Mole with Her Heart

By - Mar 24, 2017

Much to her surprise, Barbara in the city. Teaching some children about poetry. “What is there to know?” she says, poised on all fours on the desk at the front of the room, “What is there to know about Donne? You tell me.” Cocaine Barbara belching chicken bones all over the room. Everyone aces the class, ascends the ranks, becomes the lecturer at here-or-there. So, Barbara in her eighties, still in the city, living with Michael in some god-awful hole, making eyes at rats, licking and being licked.

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By - Mar 22, 2017

I.   earlier i saw the first openly gay couple in weeks and     if you ask me what ...

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By - Mar 20, 2017

Stop signs have proven

to cause incorrigible and abstract frustrations

enduring for hours & transferred

unconsciously to others

Energy continues long after it

The stars are dead their light still traveling

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Two Poems

By - Mar 15, 2017


I have heard it said

that love

turns people


but I have

never been



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By - Mar 13, 2017

american dollar store

california dollar store

super dollar store

only dollar store

un dollar store #1

mighty dollar store

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Two Poems

By - Mar 10, 2017


there’s a crude bloom to the pear trees

I feel guilty about not being

a loud pee humming from the next stall

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Don’t tell my mother if they kill me

By - Mar 8, 2017

Let her think they hid me in the void

Let her think I avoided hot lead

Let her think I avalanched east

Let her think I’ve become forest

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Two from “Nature Poem”

By - Mar 6, 2017

My singing teacher tells me find your center

Tornado fucking is a natural phenomenon

wherein you start on your stomach,

get flipped to the right side,

then he slides under you slams

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Objects of Desire

By - Mar 3, 2017

Animal eye contact. A bouncy ball in the palm of the hand. The crust of the earth is a place to pray ...

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The Mothers 1 & 2

By - Mar 2, 2017

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By - Mar 1, 2017

i.   The rain distributes within the world   This implies a grammar  The map maker ...

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