A Brief and Volatile Period

By - Jul 29, 2019

Is there mayonnaise in that? a woman—a stranger—asked. Her sharp chin jutted down at his potato salad. The lenses of her sunglasses were gigantic, giving her face the appearance of an insect.

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The Contagious Abortion of Cattle

By - Jul 23, 2019

They called it the Bacillus abortus of Bang, no joke. Stockmen and dairymen shot up in the night to a pounding at the door, a light on in the barn. 

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Don’t Think It Be Like It Is

By - Jul 15, 2019

Then, I’d just finished work on a novel, the publication of which I’d been assured would change my life. I was pre-diagnosis, drinking in moderation. The night before, I’d gone on my second date with the woman who’d never heard of Phil.

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Welcome to PER

By - Jul 9, 2019


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A Hole Burned Through the Middle of Everything

By - Jul 3, 2019

The trick, she said, was not to let on that you were playing with people’s perception. She could spot a mark the second they stepped in, see the want all over their faces.

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Speech for Tommy’s Wedding, November 11, 2018

By - Jul 1, 2019

Through these arguments I came to a hard realization. Tommy, so far as I could tell, would not become more like me, or adopt my humanist concerns. Tommy didn’t think like me.

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