The Marine Biologist

By - Jan 30, 2018

The Marine Biologist worries that these bench-sitters might talk to him, or ask him how he’s doing or say something like, nice day, huh? They’d always want to know.

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The Hard Thing

By - Jan 24, 2018

The boyfriend, on his hands and knees, breathed into my neck and repeated, ‘Hot cock, hot cock, hot cock.’

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Discarnate Nude

By - Jan 22, 2018

You pause, grunt, continue. In front of you is a whole room full of objects  suggestively rearranged in a previously unused location, a tool shed, which, now, you’ve jerked off to 1 to 99 times.

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Two Stories

By - Jan 19, 2018

Victor, the ship, moves with his nose forward, the upward side of him in the shape of a pumpkin.
     When he starts to sink, people in him make an exodus, their bodies pushing, jumping, making every effort to get the hell out of him.

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Two Poems

By - Jan 15, 2018

Bugged sexual
External wetware
Sheet mask

Thinking about social inheritance:
Cockroaches produce 6 generations a year

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the most interesting things my dad had to say about when he was in the navy (1958-1962)

By - Jan 12, 2018

he inhaled and held it a moment, then shook his head like he had surrendered something and said ‘oh no, i don’t know why i’m crying, why do i do this.’ i said ‘it’s okay.’ he said ‘i don’t even know why’ and chuckled a little, crying less as he continued describing the stripes and chevrons.

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$50 on Both?

By - Jan 10, 2018

“My rent is $350 a week and I earn $600. So I should be able to move to Hamburg by December. That’s where it all is now. Berlin is over.” I leave that party in an Uber to another. “I’m starting a two-week residency tomorrow at the warehouse. My statement of intent is ‘to discover how sculpture as a praxis can be an antidote to climate change.’” How many Ubers in one night is too many?

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Poems from “Milk & Henny”

By - Jan 8, 2018



crazy people give the best head cuz they crazy



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A Mess of Pork

By - Jan 3, 2018

She was not an old woman, but she made me feel young. I guess because I’d never had any trouble like she had. She wore a shawl overhead, and had a baby in her arms. The baby was nursing. When she saw me she pushed her breast out of sight.
     “I killed a copper,” I said.

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