Her First

By - Oct 29, 2018

In the mirror, the daughter’s head looked like a bloated cantaloupe. The doctor was going to be there any moment.

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Tyrant Hotel, Ep. 2

By - Oct 23, 2018

The second episode of Tyrant Hotel, a magazine-for-the-ears from Hotel & New York Tyrant, featuring Scott McClanahan and Juliet Escoria.

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By - Oct 22, 2018

When I focused on the snow, it appeared I was moving trillions of miles per hour in outer space, plunging past all the stars. My perspective seemed the center of everything.

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Some Cliffs, Which Overlooked Some Sea

By - Oct 15, 2018

I was in the waiting room. Then I was in the examination room. There was a chair, and another chair, and a hydraulic doctor bed.

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These Pleasures, Suffered As a Means

By - Oct 5, 2018

I worship my or any lips that say
in silence my love’s name.
I worship shadow that seems shadow bled
of her by sharpest sight.

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Finished Being

By - Oct 2, 2018

A new story by Diane Williams.

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