Two Fictions

By - Oct 31, 2017

Mamá’s Last Lover

He patted my mother’s skull and emitted a tender laugh.  “I think she’s never looked more beautiful,” he whispered.  “Don’t you agree, Mateo?”

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Northern California Haikus

By - Oct 30, 2017

moving to California haiku

so much of this state
has burnt down since we got here
fourteen days ago

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Three Poems

By - Oct 25, 2017

i guess the structure
of the restaurant complex
is dubious

sucking dick
in the walk-in

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By - Oct 23, 2017

The woodpecker used to be such a good thing. Sort of nice when he heard it.
    You could only get so mad, he thought. It was a woodpecker.

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Last Words & Impossible Truths

By - Oct 18, 2017

Last Words & Impossible Truths On the eve of The Big Day—known as Big Day Eve—the Pioneer is given the ...

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Mildred Thorn

By - Oct 13, 2017

Mildred Thorn was surely much too old for such things. He recognized in her a desire to be blindfolded, or so he ...

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Three Poems

By - Oct 11, 2017

Pale strangers arrive inside me
to deliver lectures
on superior methods of thinking
about our current catastrophe

Other people cook eggs
and have no say at all

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Two Stories

By - Oct 9, 2017

     So this weird fuck goes up to him.
     And he was not armed.
     The weird fuck, who knew?
     I’m Wolf Larssen, the weird fuck says.

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The Cut in Half Man

By - Oct 4, 2017

They found the cut in half man cut in half with just one half of him to be found.

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From “Cosmic Ray Coincidence Amplifier”

By - Oct 2, 2017

  getting on with it could be my purpose or it could be my function but my style is to hate ...

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