Room Service

By - Sep 24, 2018

My breasts ache. The man on the screen shrieks and a sheet of goosebumps appears on my skin. I am filled with something soft and new and want to cry, but nothing comes.

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Notecards On My Weird Husband

By - Sep 20, 2018

Pierced his own nose.

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By - Sep 19, 2018

She says it like a foregone conclusion, Bubble Bath, shrugging out of her coat on her way to a chair. I look at her skin and wonder what she does to it. She reminds me of a horse—or maybe that’s from something I read.

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Two Stories

By - Sep 17, 2018

Boss says, You know what I heard?
He shakes his head at Boss without looking.
Boss tells him.

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Tyrant Hotel Ep. 1

By - Sep 10, 2018

The inaugural episode of Tyrant Hotel, a magazine-for-the-ears from Hotel & New York Tyrant, featuring Kristen Iskandrian, Nicolette Polek, Tao Lin, Luc Sante, and Chelsea Hodson.

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