Design for a Carpet

By - Mar 5, 2019

We must not disagree about the carpet. One of us must not suddenly desire a new carpet while the other still enjoys the original. The carpet must not create discordance of any kind in the house.

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By - Mar 5, 2019

IGGY POP – BARE & REAL is a collection of photographs that Paul McAlpine took of Iggy Pop on various tours spanning the musician’s career.

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Self with Lowered Head

By - Mar 4, 2019

At the kitchen table, I drop a dumpling onto my crotch. Her lips are sauced. The teal two-piece is still visible on the couch behind her.

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By - Feb 26, 2019

 The puffer is not only dead. The blameless little guy has been poached white as an egg.

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Two Stories

By - Feb 11, 2019

They started babbling for canes and wheelchairs before they could eat solid food. But they stayed small.

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A Story Narrated by the Boy Who Collects Flies on His Face

By - Feb 7, 2019

They shout, “Come out, come out, Gabby! We only want to write funny old words on your back!” But you should know by now that these words are by no means funny. The words these men want to write are so ugly that they are not even words anymore, but touches.

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Conspiracy Theories

By - Feb 4, 2019

II. War

Only boys play war. Every boy picks a gender: boy or girl. Every boy wants to pick girl but no boy has the courage. The silence between the question and the answer is the war. The rest of the game is spent alone.

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By - Jan 28, 2019

They say Front Street isn’t good now.

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A Series

By - Jan 21, 2019


The pain is having been seen for myself –

         and then having this vision 


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I Called Shotgun When You Died

By - Jan 11, 2019

I called shotgun when you died, thinking we could still ride together through the neighborhood, selling bags of light to the newly dead. It didn’t seem fair that you had to cross the river by yourself.

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Heartbreak, Texas

By - Jan 4, 2019

You are not the alarm clock and you are not the styrofoam cup, you are not this bed, or pillow, or the rug I bought today.

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69 Remakes

By - Dec 24, 2018

Remake of Home Alone where I break into my dad’s house, hide in his bed with a knife, and, when he finds me, calmly say, “tuck me in, motherfucker.”

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