Four Poems

By - Aug 12, 2019

the brilliant Sophie
forsaking introductions
before an audience of philistines 

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Mr. Corpulent Wants Polaroid Proof

By - Aug 5, 2019

He’ll pinch his photos with fat fingers and wave them about. The body will develop into something creamy. I’ll make him crop out the skull, per our agreement.

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A Brief and Volatile Period

By - Jul 29, 2019

Is there mayonnaise in that? a woman—a stranger—asked. Her sharp chin jutted down at his potato salad. The lenses of her sunglasses were gigantic, giving her face the appearance of an insect.

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The Contagious Abortion of Cattle

By - Jul 23, 2019

They called it the Bacillus abortus of Bang, no joke. Stockmen and dairymen shot up in the night to a pounding at the door, a light on in the barn. 

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Don’t Think It Be Like It Is

By - Jul 15, 2019

Then, I’d just finished work on a novel, the publication of which I’d been assured would change my life. I was pre-diagnosis, drinking in moderation. The night before, I’d gone on my second date with the woman who’d never heard of Phil.

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Welcome to PER

By - Jul 9, 2019


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A Hole Burned Through the Middle of Everything

By - Jul 3, 2019

The trick, she said, was not to let on that you were playing with people’s perception. She could spot a mark the second they stepped in, see the want all over their faces.

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Speech for Tommy’s Wedding, November 11, 2018

By - Jul 1, 2019

Through these arguments I came to a hard realization. Tommy, so far as I could tell, would not become more like me, or adopt my humanist concerns. Tommy didn’t think like me.

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By - Jun 17, 2019

I’m glad to be so far from industrious men
though still within the ken of their industry

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The Desolate Priest Boys

By - Jun 12, 2019

Summer camp is divided into two categories: the naked, sexy people, and the desolate priest boys. The naked, sexy people are thin and they have wide shoulders. Their asses are uncovered, round and attractive to all.

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Three Stories

By - Jun 10, 2019

He had black eyes and black pants and a black shirt. He tied her hands to the window and walked over the rope like a funambulist. “Without haste,” she said, lifting her belly.

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Four Poems

By - May 27, 2019

Four Poems from Rebekah Morgan’s new poetry collection, Hotel Alexander (House of Vlad, 2019)

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