Last Will

By - Dec 13, 2017

21.) Please don’t leave my brain inside me. I don’t like the idea of being alone. Give it to science; find out if they can actually “see” what went wrong. Have them go at it with experiments. Check if there is a gene.

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Squirrel Attacks Man With Nuts

By - Dec 11, 2017

I told him I thought it was a bad idea, but he wasn’t listening, and instead he said, “I’ve got a riddle for you.” He said, “At the girls’ residence, taped onto a wall in the hallway before I left, was a headline from The Globe and Mail that said: Squirrel Attacks Man With Nuts. How many ways can this be interpreted?

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By - Dec 8, 2017

I wanted to sink my face into Aoudad’s haunches like one of those padded rings at the head of the massage tables in the training room, to lap at the winking center of their grainy meadow, to taste past him, polish the floor through his taint with my tongue, plumb for undiscovered metals in a hidden mine, be the hook in the cum-mottled wall on which his taxidermal trunk was mounted.

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Three Stories

By - Dec 6, 2017

Back before she had her own children, when she heard someone with children state or insinuate that people without children, people like her, couldn’t possibly understand what it was like to have children, and therefore—usually this would be the part that was insinuated—didn’t have access to the same amount of joy in life as did a person with children…

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from “$50,000”

By - Dec 4, 2017


Words present us with little pictures of things



So how is it possible to mean anything you say



I feel like a circle: perfect in theory and impossible in reality


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From the Discarded Collection

By - Dec 1, 2017

A series of photographs are tacked to the walls of this abandoned apartment in the heart of the projects. It looks recently vacated, empty except for a blood-stained pillow. The floor is marked by a fresh ring of soot from a campfire but where you might expect to find discarded cans of food, there’s only a small pile of stones. Someone’s parted the dark curtains which reveal a view of the nearby polluted river. The pale sunlight drifts inside to frame these pictures of K.M.

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Poems About Lambs

By - Nov 29, 2017

yes she is very cool yes she feels as soft as a baby lamb…
man everyone i’ve dated has been such a stupid disappointment…
we’re all gonna die so you can stick your greasy finger into as many dumb pies as you want…

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She Had Wanted To Be Closer To The Ocean

By - Nov 27, 2017

He could close his eyes but not his ears.  First the downstairs neighbor, a mechanic.  Then, the sudden barking of a dog next door.  He was reminded of the busy street a block east of their bedroom window.  Things far away seemed just below.

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Three Poems

By - Nov 25, 2017

How to Not Be a Perfectionist

People are vivid
and small
and don’t live
very long—

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Excerpt of “WORK”

By - Nov 21, 2017

  On Friday, people sometimes get the fish sandwich. They’re either repentant Catholics or they are just ...

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Three Poems

By - Nov 17, 2017


one of the algorithms helps me meet you
another helps me find more grape flavored candy

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By - Nov 15, 2017

it begins at 00:36:56
i have a second factory visit, with Mao xoxo
hopefully i can die with a conversation about the vacuum
in preparation for mass consumption

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