Everybody’s Darling

By - Aug 22, 2019

I am intruding—I am an intruder—how unsavory mother would find it. I open the drawer of a dark wood chest and I see them. A sea of pinks and whites, offwhites and yellows. Silk, lace, small blankets, warm serviettes.

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Snowball Jr.

By - Aug 14, 2019

The cooks and local policemen came by to see her on her shifts. Her necklaces got tangled in the skin tags on her neck. She begged me to mash cysts on her back.

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Four Poems

By - Aug 12, 2019

the brilliant Sophie
forsaking introductions
before an audience of philistines 

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Mr. Corpulent Wants Polaroid Proof

By - Aug 5, 2019

He’ll pinch his photos with fat fingers and wave them about. The body will develop into something creamy. I’ll make him crop out the skull, per our agreement.

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