Discarnate Nude

By - Jan 22, 2018

You pause, grunt, continue. In front of you is a whole room full of objects  suggestively rearranged in a previously unused location, a tool shed, which, now, you’ve jerked off to 1 to 99 times.

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Two Stories

By - Jan 19, 2018

Victor, the ship, moves with his nose forward, the upward side of him in the shape of a pumpkin.
     When he starts to sink, people in him make an exodus, their bodies pushing, jumping, making every effort to get the hell out of him.

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Two Poems

By - Jan 15, 2018

Bugged sexual
External wetware
Sheet mask

Thinking about social inheritance:
Cockroaches produce 6 generations a year

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the most interesting things my dad had to say about when he was in the navy (1958-1962)

By - Jan 12, 2018

he inhaled and held it a moment, then shook his head like he had surrendered something and said ‘oh no, i don’t know why i’m crying, why do i do this.’ i said ‘it’s okay.’ he said ‘i don’t even know why’ and chuckled a little, crying less as he continued describing the stripes and chevrons.

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$50 on Both?

By - Jan 10, 2018

“My rent is $350 a week and I earn $600. So I should be able to move to Hamburg by December. That’s where it all is now. Berlin is over.” I leave that party in an Uber to another. “I’m starting a two-week residency tomorrow at the warehouse. My statement of intent is ‘to discover how sculpture as a praxis can be an antidote to climate change.’” How many Ubers in one night is too many?

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Poems from “Milk & Henny”

By - Jan 8, 2018



crazy people give the best head cuz they crazy



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A Mess of Pork

By - Jan 3, 2018

She was not an old woman, but she made me feel young. I guess because I’d never had any trouble like she had. She wore a shawl overhead, and had a baby in her arms. The baby was nursing. When she saw me she pushed her breast out of sight.
     “I killed a copper,” I said.

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Two Works

By - Dec 27, 2017

I was chatting with a girl. Her left brow crinkled each time I became excited about what I was saying. —I wonder, how many left brows like hers exist in the world?

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Eight Things I Hate About Me

By - Dec 20, 2017

             I hate it when I cockily kiss my biceps
in a dive bar, taunting a dock-worker
into arm-wrestling me, only to be
all the more humiliated when I lose.

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Two Stories

By - Dec 18, 2017

It wasn’t the stiff and desiccated bodies stacked standing behind the closed closet door and it wasn’t the rigor-mortified corpses hanging from the rafters by clotheslines and panty hose, engaging in the gentle sway and rotation characteristic of such bodies in such an array, that got to the cops.

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How Can I Tell You?

By - Dec 15, 2017

A T-Bird and two Galaxies was very good for one day, especially as the T-Bird did not involve a trade-in. The woman who bought it, Mrs. Preston, had come in and asked for Mark McGranville and shown him a magazine ad. “Do you have one of these in red?” she said.

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Last Will

By - Dec 13, 2017

21.) Please don’t leave my brain inside me. I don’t like the idea of being alone. Give it to science; find out if they can actually “see” what went wrong. Have them go at it with experiments. Check if there is a gene.

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