Excerpt from the long poem, NIKE

By - Apr 14, 2019

even the slightest movement
like heating something
in the shared microwave

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Four Poems

By - Apr 13, 2019

you were probably talking about how easy
it would have been to kill
some tiny enemy when
you were younger and smoking

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Two Poems

By - Apr 12, 2019

the most beautiful cumshot
I ever saw
was under water

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Three Poems

By - Apr 10, 2019

When I said I was an animal in bed
I meant a sloth

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By - Apr 9, 2019

it doesnt matter how long your arms are
when theyre painting swastikas now at vasa real n on the mosque

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Mock Hare

By - Apr 8, 2019

At the Netto supermarket in Dalum I came across a frozen one-person meal titled Brændende kærlighed. Burning love.

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Another Way of Discouraging Weasels

By - Apr 3, 2019

I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to disturb them. Although so far I hadn’t caught more than a glimpse. Only little eyes flashing from dark corners and tufts of fur resting on my sheets and trails of weasel teeth scattered along the floor.

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Do You Know The Muntin Man?

By - Mar 21, 2019

I was a man expanded by the vocabulary of window parts. Muntins in particular, though I was entranced by sash and jamb.

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Tiger Stories

By - Mar 19, 2019

He left a trail of blood behind him as he limped into town. Every step he took the horn gave a toot, and in the middle of town square, in front of everyone to see, the tiger collapsed and died.

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Tyrant Hotel, Mother Pig (Opposing Disneyland)

By - Mar 12, 2019

Season Two, Episode One — Iain Sinclair, Lily Hackett, Brad Phillips, Frederic Tuten, Ashton Politanoff, Isabel Waidner, David Keenan, Vi Khi Nao, and SJ Fowler.

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Design for a Carpet

By - Mar 5, 2019

We must not disagree about the carpet. One of us must not suddenly desire a new carpet while the other still enjoys the original. The carpet must not create discordance of any kind in the house.

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By - Mar 5, 2019

IGGY POP – BARE & REAL is a collection of photographs that Paul McAlpine took of Iggy Pop on various tours spanning the musician’s career.

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