By - Mar 10, 2021

A pickup truck with
‘Lake Michigan Pest Control’ on it
passed me by
and I reflexively jumped into fighting stance.
There are days when
leaving the cage feels great
but nothing beats getting back in.
Closing the door yourself
Already decorated
already smelling like you.
What’s your favorite TV show.


And here we have,
un-imagining the things
tying me to the chair
at your tea party.
And here we see
the only fix for some things
is to let them be buried naturally
over thousands of years
as multiple civilizations
rise and fall
over the same area.
Where eventually
someone finds the pieces
and tries to understand
a world where
that could even happen.
What’s your favorite TV show though.


Sometimes I think about
something like
a turtle
and conclude God exists.
And sometimes I think about
creation and
it’s more like
(the feeling of realizing
something’s been forgotten in the oven).
I briefly dated this person
who would look me up and down
while rubbing her hands
circling me in a slow strut
when she wanted to (edit) my (edit).
Love is a thing that
happens in the moment
So you just have to
keep making the moments.
What’s your favorite TV show and
what’s your opinion on
this other person’s opinion on it.


Some problems can be eliminated by
Some by ignoring.
Some by acknowledging.
And some only with constant and ongoing dodges.
Some, of course, never.
So don’t forget to just
give in.
All aboard
the already-sinking ship.
Whoever wakes up
on the other end of this
will tell no one about it.
Because all that matters is
it’s finally over.
I wait
on the other side
having forgotten all but
its depressing residue.
Trying my best
to null the affect.
To jump on the grenade.
Waiting for you
at the starting line
of whatever’s next.
What’s your favorite TV show.


Giving blood vs sucking blood.
The lines are quickly drawn
by scent.
Honestly though
in the end
your face is just
a sad paperweight.
Stepping backwards into
my head
and closing the door
with a smile on my face.
Crime scene of a changed-mind.
Killing time backstage before
fistfighting God.
In the bout for
front row seats
at the other’s funeral.


The snow mound across the street
in the post-office parking lot
is almost two stories tall.
And I respect it for persisting.
For dying slowly into Spring.
Because any stubborn goal,
any allegiance,
is better than some
half-assed whatever.
Or something grand and noble
only spoken of.
Everything else is retreat.
A glued-together castle vs
a single deep-breath.
In your eyes there is always
either fire
or white flags.
What’s your favorite TV show and
what’s your opinion on
a hypothetical situation in real life
involving your favorite character.


And wherever you find me
it will be only echoes
from where I was
years ago.
Smoke, signaling a
long past solution.
Crime scene of a changed-mind.
Still decorated
but barely smelling like me.
There’s a five foot icicle
thick as a baseball bat
hanging outside the gas station
by my apartment.
And when I pull it down
all you motherfuckers
are gonna pay.
You’ve got
in your eyes
What’s your favorite TV show.