Sam Pink


By - Mar 10, 2021

A glued-together castle vs
a single deep-breath.
In your eyes there is always
either fire
or white flags.

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Five Poems

By - Sep 23, 2019

Turning a crank

on the side of my head

& shooting diamonds

out of my eyes

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excerpt of The Garbage Times/White Ibis

By - Apr 11, 2018

It was my guy Keith. 

I used to drink and smoke weed with him when I didn’t have a job. 

‘Crazy Keith.’

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Three Poems

By - Jun 28, 2017

  STOP THINKING An infinite pit becomes an inch deep, if you just stop thinking for one ...

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Keeps You Sharp

By - Apr 24, 2017

I was walking home through downtown St. Pete, sweating badly.

This older guy crossed paths with me near a concrete ledge overlooking an area of creek.

‘Man, goddamn it,’ he said, stopping by me as though we’d already been talking.

I stopped too.

‘This motherfucker….’ he said, gesturing out somewhere.

He had faded tattoos and big, raw pock marks all over his arms.

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Interview with Kimmy Walters

By - Feb 1, 2017

  Friends, pleasant discoveries are everywhere. What was thought to be an empty pocket, contains loose change. ...

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Three Excerpts from ‘Squirtgun,’ an Unpublished Novel

By - Dec 13, 2016

My girlfriend and I are regulars at the gas station closest to us. It’s really the only late night option for water or a snack. So we ride our bikes through the bayou to see our favorite late night employee, Jo.

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