Derick Dupre

Do You Know The Muntin Man?

By - Mar 21, 2019

I was a man expanded by the vocabulary of window parts. Muntins in particular, though I was entranced by sash and jamb.

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Hello, There

By - Aug 22, 2018

I said things I’d never had the courage to say. I swore and cursed the names of god and other people who’d wronged me.

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Yes, This is Esther

By - Mar 18, 2018

Each hand resembles the mock pistol that people mock kill themselves with sometimes, hammer thumb and barrel fingers, and right now, frankly always, she feels like mock killing herself, mock ending it all right there at work in front of everyone…

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Sunday Peace

By - Sep 25, 2017

  Mrs. Krummholz dipped her bread in a cup, watched runnels of coffee drip through the tunneling inside the ...

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