Tao Lin

Seven Poems

By - Jun 25, 2020

Dream governments promote stilts
so I existed in a world of stilts.

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Japan’s Government Began Promoting Forest-Bathing in 1982

By - May 13, 2019

Collapse another year into novel.
You have become so mature and knowledgeable
Gabbling disjunctively about nutrition and diabetes
Mind muddled by emotional frustration.

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excerpt of Trip

By - Apr 30, 2018

If death by comet was unexpected, and departing Earth nonphysically like I did on psilocybin was, after decades in the same metaphysical place, beyond unexpected, my experience of smoked DMT was beyond beyond unexpected. It was around two ontological corners. It was closing closed eyes twice, or waking, incredibly, thrice.

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I Know About Micrograms Now

By - Apr 12, 2017

In 2012 I didn’t know much about micrograms.
Drugs I used then were measured mostly in milligrams.
2 milligrams of Xanax, 30 milligrams of Adderall.

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Four-Minute Poem for Mal’s Wedding

By - Dec 9, 2016

I rarely write poetry anymore and I think I forgot how to, which explains why this poem sounds like this.

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