Seven Poems

By - Jun 25, 2020


Dad said he liked Trump because Trump
was the only one who wasn’t afraid of China.
He’d eaten organic ice cream when we found him
and my mom in the park photographing things.
We were still arguing about Trump.
I was invisibly crying for nebulous reasons.
You almost caught a pufferfish. It was poignant.
I played badminton with my dad in the living room.
Riding waves of happiness and despair.
Mom laughed at herself, and I felt endeared.
Dad’s self-conscious, friendly face moved me.


Chinese Atoms

Galaxies can collide with a turtle mom.
Everything is not a tool of divination.
Antimatter and metagalaxy.
Old birds and old atoms.
The less we think, the happier
Mom’s turtles seem to become.
Two turtles seem unconscious.
Three turtles can collide in cities.


Self-conscious Waves

Waves of organic ice cream
found my parents in China
because they weren’t afraid.
Riding waves of living pufferfish.
Crying because it was poignant
to play in the living room
and because I liked things.


Emotional Friend

Dream governments promote stilts
so I existed in a world of stilts.
I am strategically scrubbing my air
knowing it’s depressed.
We didn’t know Chicago hikikomoris
were collapsing into Shanghai novels.
Choosing to listen.
Inaccurate awe and wonder.
140 businesses remember 2015.


Backyard Running

Look at people who learn to try.
Guide them toward pleasure.
Through backyards.
Through short microbes.
Lift them toward sleep.
The people who don’t get excited.
The crying with no effect.


Magic Synonym

They said time was a synonym for sky.
They said sky was a synonym for safe.
Blacking out in a room with synonyms,
safe synonyms for polypharmaconic.
People could split synonyms in half.
Brains were damaged time.


Fireworks Are Extraneous

Hitting dark matter with a tennis racket.
Aboriginals rarely fake happiness.
Lying about fractals. Lying about war.
Lying about everyone.
Lying to aboriginals.
Decades of lying.
Mental lying.





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