Ashton Politanoff

A Brief and Volatile Period

By - Jul 29, 2019

Is there mayonnaise in that? a woman—a stranger—asked. Her sharp chin jutted down at his potato salad. The lenses of her sunglasses were gigantic, giving her face the appearance of an insect.

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She Had Wanted To Be Closer To The Ocean

By - Nov 27, 2017

He could close his eyes but not his ears.  First the downstairs neighbor, a mechanic.  Then, the sudden barking of a dog next door.  He was reminded of the busy street a block east of their bedroom window.  Things far away seemed just below.

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By - Aug 14, 2017

The room was beach themed, even though the place was called The Ranch. When room service rang, he declined the turn ...

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The Agreement

By - Jun 3, 2017

A man in a denim jacket met them outside the building and gave them the key.  It was cheaper than any hotel, and ...

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