By - Mar 22, 2017



earlier i saw the

first openly gay

couple in weeks




if you ask me what im

doing im sleeping,

making bondage lanyard,

eating flaming hot

cheetos and drying out

my sheets. we just

left car island where

in the marina there

are 37 sharks.

we caught only the head

of a barracuda.

im leaving out a lot

only including what

i want to remember.

im remembering when

the pregnant hetero

couple ruined summer.

the flaming hot cheetos

have a large sticker

on the front that says

“EXPORT” i guess so

i know they are

made in the USA.

i’ve been wet for

days and never aroused.





full of bones he

asked me to suck

out the eyes

from the head but

i couldn’t even

though i wanted

to please

jacob is saying who wants

to help with the dingy

and i are all the

flaming hot cheetos


here i am

all the fla

wondering if

reminding me

first boyf

the one

a different

around m

and all

no other


dark bl

light blue

almost c

phone gets

will probal



and forget i alter people

or can make people


people at the bar talking

about staying at “Atlantic”


woman at the bar her

hair in cornrows

surrounded by white men

in straw hats

the fantasy the

desire of colonialism

exposed to violently

in white pleasure

and I am here too

and I am white and






im really invested in things

          not getting worse

the horizon & the

          sky are the same thing

the water & the sky

          are the same thing



_e are in cape eleuthera waiting out this

_torm which so far appears to

__ a lot of wind and heavy clouds.

I   may feel rain on my face now

   though it comes like a spray

fr__ a nozzle     immediate  light

covering _y face most women

would _ate other women if

it was easier w_ may have

missed the worst of ___ storm

or at least that’s wha_  ___b

says. Alex is about to fly

form chicago to nyc I wish

I could be there to pick her up.

dear soft AL… I had a dream

last night she made me an

“AL” necklace in a bizarre almost

disney font. spending money

pleases and depresses me

I snorkeled for

the first