Anaïs Duplan

Three Poems from Mount Carmel & the Blood of Parnassus

By - Aug 2, 2017

  I wanted you to cry with me. Whenever I cry, you cry. Once you cried and I wanted you to stop. I wanted ...

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Cocaine Barbara Plays Whack-a-Mole with Her Heart

By - Mar 24, 2017

Much to her surprise, Barbara in the city. Teaching some children about poetry. “What is there to know?” she says, poised on all fours on the desk at the front of the room, “What is there to know about Donne? You tell me.” Cocaine Barbara belching chicken bones all over the room. Everyone aces the class, ascends the ranks, becomes the lecturer at here-or-there. So, Barbara in her eighties, still in the city, living with Michael in some god-awful hole, making eyes at rats, licking and being licked.

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