Two Poems

By - Mar 10, 2017


there’s a crude bloom to the pear trees

I feel guilty about not being

a loud pee humming from the next stall

I don’t think the unknown will fix me

but I know these rinds of july won’t

a dog licking at the air in a cone

the sun is boring when you’re not in love

with something terrible

it gives me a furry spasm

as she ages her tattoo heart will become a lump

I waste another life

languishing behind the berry bushes

ocean of brightly dead sorrow

there’s nobody living in the mountains

when something reminds me of how I feel

I love it immediately




all my life I’ve been using the wrong language

blackberries spewing juice

on the patio furniture

the gorge is all longing today

bastard animals masticating

soda cans

a geode contaminates my heart

down the street

machines starve the succulents

men in robes

crush bug eggs

we know a lot of what’s over

even as we dim in the cradle of it

I’m not in my life

when I’m in a picture

I miss the moon

even as it hangs there