Two from “Nature Poem”

By - Mar 6, 2017


My singing teacher tells me find your center

Tornado fucking is a natural phenomenon

wherein you start on your stomach,

get flipped to the right side,

then he slides under you slams

u into his hips, both in a sort of crab walk flip left

before returning to (yoga term) stomach pose.

When me n James fuck around the house, we fuck around

the house.

That’s some Shame shit

says my roommate after I dusk back from Adam’s

after waking up with James

spending the afternoon at Ryan’s place.

No Jess, I’m a faggot on a Saturday






When I say I’m having catfish bahn mi


what I mean is leave me alone
what I mean is I love candy but I’m an adult I only let myself have candy at the movies
so I’ve been goin to the movies A LOT


Sometimes on dates I buy the box of gold bears but keep them scrunched in the cup holder on the arm rest bc I don’t want him to think I’m the kind of adult who still hoovers candy (by which I mean I don’t want to b the kidn of adult who still hoovers candy) but fuck I still bought them like in good fun was gonna offer him some but he doesn’t like sweets and I thot too long abt the prospect of box of gummies breach n we been kind of cuddlin so the flick is halfway over all those other snacky losers finished their soppy nachos or r just wrapped in the movie like a normal person n its waaaaay past the crinkling hour but HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH he has to pee so i quick rip the shit like a bird neck eat a handful of gummy bears shove


the box back in my backpack before he gets back NBD crisis


averted earth


a golden orbit of simplicity.