Nathan Dragon

Two Stories

By - Sep 17, 2018

Boss says, You know what I heard?
He shakes his head at Boss without looking.
Boss tells him.

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The Champ is Here

By - May 21, 2018

He felt like he learned something when he saw the real life classic woodpecker. It was something out of nature programming. Pulling into his driveway and seeing the woodpecker through the windshield.

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The Marine Biologist

By - Jan 30, 2018

The Marine Biologist worries that these bench-sitters might talk to him, or ask him how he’s doing or say something like, nice day, huh? They’d always want to know.

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By - Oct 23, 2017

The woodpecker used to be such a good thing. Sort of nice when he heard it.
    You could only get so mad, he thought. It was a woodpecker.

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