Four Poems

By - Aug 12, 2019

the massive Sophie

bewildered the tiny Sophie

the living Sophie buried the dead one

the Sophie wrapped in a shawl
did not speak

teenage Sophie
listless and unhelpful
to her mother

Quaker Sophie saying the word thou
to hologram Sophie 

the NFL Sophie watching replays
of this season’s past Sophie
intercepting a big throw

psycho Sophie
cutting out letters
rearranging them into notes
and mailing them to everyone
in the town

Anne looked puzzled
this was an odd place
and clearly
she did not belong here
Sophie called out to her

arthritic Sophie 

Sophie at the window
heavy with child

the monstrous Sophie
eating blood
in her hut
wearing the skin
of another Sophie 

the majestic Sophie calling forth
the pathetic Sophie
and telling her not to utter
a fucking word

moral Sophie
making difficult choices

the Cincinnati Sophie
shooting a tin can
out of the hands
of the manly Sophie
at the saloon 

an unsightly Sophie
moving into the shadows

Sophie tenderly touching
the wild, curly head
of the Sophie
next door
and falling in love

Sophie moping through the park
reading her paper
a murmuration of a thousand birds
forms itself into the shape again
she doesn’t notice 

the Sophie standing naked
in the town’s square
begging for bread

the brilliant Sophie
forsaking introductions
before an audience of philistines 

Sophie putting on the ballerina outfit
she’s had the conversation with herself
and she is ready!

chocolate Sophie
melting in the sun

cloth Sophie unraveling

old Sophie coughing

satellite Sophie careening through space

Sophie securing the noose
there will be no forgiveness
everyone has gone home

the final Sophie stops
looks at herself in the mirror
for a moment, she sees herself as they do
a haunted and mysterious woman
she pulls on her coat and slips out
leaving the banquet hall deserted



The Dinner Party

we were in the middle of a fight
about whether or not we should cancel
our Hulu subscription
when I suddenly
got on my hands and knees
and started drinking water
out of our dog’s bowl
we’d been fighting for forty-five minutes
at first you were surprised
then you straddled me and said
“you’re a very bad doggy
and you’re full of fleas”
you spanked my behind
and I was grateful you were allowing the fight to end
but once I go doggy, I never go back
I crawled over to the fridge
took out the heartworm pills
made a show of swallowing one
you said something
I couldn’t understand
drool came out of me
I shook my body as hard as I could
I rubbed my crotch
up and down the pant legs
of our houseguests
who were desperate now
in their struggle to leave



how I’m different from a horse

I’m much slower
and my art sucks
thoughts come from my
Le horse says nothing
although their hearing is good
I don’t like getting whipped for no reason
I don’t eat fog with my big tongue
I don’t give birth to a Giant daughter
I can’t sleep
I want money
horses look like people
their teeth in baffling little rows
I’m different from a horse
because because because
nobody calls out my name
I’m at the bistro kissing rrrrrrrr
while all the horses lie around pooping 



you thought I was a man

but I am just a stick doll
you thought you bought me
at the county doll show
but I came from the dump
you are in for a shock
I am actually on fire