Two Poems

By - Dec 15, 2016

someone somewhere is getting off on all this death

Imitate eternity
    Brutalized sweetness
                     I started taking adderall to become a good person overnight
Like always being in the sun
All that’s left to do is give up fear
 lol  good luck
Reaching for my own death inside me
 Corpse of what I carry in my heart
Black tongue / intimidate eternity
 Ur hugging me it feels good to be guarded by your light
Undoing the cruelty in the salvation of our moments
 In this world i only want Beyonce
“Crazy in love” it’s all I can handle
         I mean like when will the pain consume itself
Love of this impossible season
starvation in the absence of butterfly wings
I mean swallowing flowers in this shitty isolation
   I wake up my sky heavy / body heavy / object / mouth leaking bitter songs
/come down / calm down  -take a deep breath – restart – shimmering soft core / phantom of dark body – living for black joy – i swallow my sickness – sparkle – turn back to self – watch the night –  gentle angles – strap me to the endlessness – without resistance
                              – wave a candle into the darkness – reflect me _  wide open mouth –
a tease _moonrise // soft clear light  –  giving me something to live for _  i retain no memory_
lonesome living                                        ablaze in the face
                              ready for ur feast

I was born to permanently smile



New seasons

my mother got married for a greencard
 I mean we’re living thru some shit
big fat pussy clouds / violent season
my mouth is full of colonial regret
 I mean i am my mother’s  daughter
In the streets i hunger for my suffering
gestures of the broken black back
 do i ever get tired of punishing myself > nah son
all these bitches is my sons
deified oppression
clenched teeth
I’m leaking everywhere
aint this shit sexy
this is what my mother immigrated for
assimilation accreditation
this is a dying season lonely vibrations
under the glare of this dimly lit bathroom
snorting coke with this white boi
off this now defunct toilet
 I mean my ancestors seem confused
I mean this is the caucasian dream
I am big and round and ready
I mean my lil dark body is twitching / i must be high right now
I am unliving my mother
becoming the body
fed up with my making
    violent symmetry / easy intensity
My golden body
I address my prayer to myself
A body on it’s  knees
i’m living in fear / without memory  /betraying my body /  unearthing light
begin erasure
nothing to write home about





Precious Okoyomon is a Chicago-based poet and artist. She is the author of Ajebota (Bottlecap Press, 2016). Her writing has been performed and exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati and ICF gallery and National Sawdust and elsewhere. Her writing has been published in Lit Magazine, Fanzine, Shabby Doll House, and elsewhere. She loves her sweet toy poodle rainbow and is a Leo that is very low key evil.