Three Poems

By - Oct 11, 2017


The New World

I used to believe I was an animal
but then I got in touch with my Urges

There’s a blood moving in me
that didn’t come from my body

I’ve misplaced my receipts
but I think you know what I’m talking about

I think you know my feelings
about labeling GMOs

I think we should all
release our tax returns

To Be Honest

My headset keeps falling off

Pale strangers arrive inside me
to deliver lectures
on superior methods of thinking
about our current catastrophe

Other people cook eggs
and have no say at all

I think these distinctions
ought to be honored

I am a forest

I am not the woods


New New New

In the early aughts I took part
in the shared manufacturing
of a common digital infrastructure

It was meant to be a language
or maybe a bulletin board
but in the end it was a grocery store
owned by a massive distribution company
and its burgeoning space exploration program

I felt differently about weather

I got songs stuck in my head
without ever having heard them

I reviewed the sonic quality
of a monitored phone call
as “tin-like” on a web forum

Coupons arrived


The New War

It’s my fifteenth anniversary
of thinking of ways to make money

I’ve got two bumper stickers
on a car that doesn’t run anymore
and one of them is Follow your bliss

I don’t want to talk to anyone

My parents are addicted
to conservative news channels
and reality TV programming

and I am suspicious of the way
celebrity deaths are reported

Who I love
is a person who remembers basic facts
like why the sky is blue
or how healthcare legislature got so fucked up

Me I just get all riled up
watching that old man stir the shit

Just get up on top and stir the shit
like we asked him to

And years later
when I’m watching a recording
of myself telling a young girl it’s okay
to steal from multinational corporations / well

I got my period post-9/11

No one knows what it’s like
to be me