Kim Chinquee

Two Stories

By - Jan 19, 2018

Victor, the ship, moves with his nose forward, the upward side of him in the shape of a pumpkin.
     When he starts to sink, people in him make an exodus, their bodies pushing, jumping, making every effort to get the hell out of him.

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By - Nov 8, 2017

My neighbors sat, with paper plates on their laps. Some of them brought chairs of their own.

There really were no ground rules.

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By - Sep 4, 2017

The place is known for oysters.  We’ve been here before, but today’s our first time having oysters.     ...

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By - Jun 1, 2017

"This is a masterpiece," she said to her parrot.      The parrot said, "Masterpiece," and the dog barked.   ...

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