Two Poems

By - Jan 15, 2018


Colette had her own perfume
I have my own heartbroke

Research Kawakubo anno 1996-98 on sundays

She didn’t want the
women in her clothes to

look human at all

Bugged sexual
External wetware
Sheet mask

Thinking about social inheritance:
Cockroaches produce 6 generations a year

Feral extreme

Blued crepuscular female rage
Suppressed urge to combat extremity with extremity
Feral despair with feral bliss




Majority world
the 1% is a terror cell

Nuclear cops
We forgot to take photos of it it
Just has a bunch of eyes

SPANX should be worn as outerwear, overalls
Haute Contour

They will always want you to shut up but for different related reasons

You cannot scream and swallow at the same time

Paratexts preferred
A mascara named pervert
Poems can be thought of as perfume

She was a lesbian who married men and she loved perfume