Three Poems

By - Apr 10, 2019

I washed my body, my hair, my hands,
removed the nail polish from my fingertips.

I shaved my armpits, my privates, my head,
scrubbed the shiny skull.

I washed away my mouth, my lips, my ability to speak,
everything I’d ever said.

I took out my contacts, pulled out my eyeballs,
everything I’d ever seen.

A clean slice across the middle,
and my skin slid off in every direction.

I pulled out my insides, rinsed them in the sink,
hung them up to dry on the balcony.

Small intestine, large intestine, rectum.




When I said I was an animal in bed
I meant a sloth
Sorry for the misunderstanding




I can’t bear the thought of any more men
Today I ate a whole pack of Läkerol and masturbated
I wish I lived a more decent life
with a husband and kid and Volvo and hedges,
but I’m unloved and broke, I keep my heart closed
It’s probably best for everyone involved




Translated from the Norwegian by Sherilyn Hellberg. From the poetry collection Why Am I so Sad When I’m so Cute? (Kolon 2016). Photograph by Siren Lauvdal.