Three Poems

By - Feb 6, 2018


my name is Sofia ,black eyes, with a tight and petite body, I am 168cm,49kg , 35c-24-34. a cute and sexy girl. I work in a cloth shop in daytime, but in nighttime I am also doing some part time escort. If you like, I can be your Girlfriend for a night. I am a shy girl, but if we are alone and you make me feel relaxed, I can also be a tiger. I like to seduce a man, I like to kiss and lick you everywhere, I like the feeling, when you get more and more aroused and I can control you. When I stop, you will beg me to go on. Than later we change, you will make me screaming. Sounds nice to you? Than why not call me now? My english is not so good, but if you will look in my eyes, you will understand everything.




each word is an infant
and each day you think you are giving birth
you are swollen, you pretend
your cards have been dealt unfairly
a pregnancy of insecure daggers and dull swords
king of diamonds, jack of clubs, queen of pain
you cry because you think you feel more than yourself
you ask me for forgiveness as if it weren’t selfish
I promise I didn’t write this for you
your swords are dull because you are dull




I make my bed
put on something pretty
I’ll start your day badly for you
I don’t want you to pay attention to me but look,
I put my hair down for you