Two Poems

By - Feb 2, 2018


Distance is a kind of time, which means distance is also a kind of money.

A strange kind of distance. A kind of freedom, maybe.

I kind of feel like I’m brushing up against another layer of the multiverse. Language is fucked. Via some kind of space time bug.

It’s almost hard to call it dystopian because there is a kind of utopia inside the dystopia.

In other words I fear pure subjectivity is a kind of erasure, the people in power will use it against us.

I’m thinking of it as fear porn.

The kind of stuff they’re doing feels so specific. I was really into it at first and then it kind of fell apart.

Isn’t it kind of the point of culture to assuage our feeling needless and alone?

Or, rather, hate feels like a kind of power.

I just kind of noticed that my mirror image is twice as far away as the mirror.

It’s odd because now I remember having a shimmer of recognition, like “that’s something I might have said.”

Like, a capital E is kind of a bitchy, pale pink color.

Taupe is grayish brown. Mauve is kind of a dusky pinky purple. “Mauvais” sounds more like a color.

Beauty is a kind of acting. Even though it isn’t the kind of labor I was thinking of.

Not-suffering is a kind of suffering. I kind of hate that aesthetic. 

I guess my advice is change the aesthetic.





I’ve got this one profound thought in me but I don’t think you would understand.

I barely understand it myself.

I never understood what was so great about cheekbones.

I still don’t understand cairns.

Roko’s Basilisk can’t ruin your life if you don’t understand it.

I want an artist to try to “understand the shape of my mouth.”

1. Nobody understands it as well as I do. 2. I don’t understand it.

I don’t understand why pilots tell you the cruising altitude. Like, what’s that got to do with me?

I’m not trying to be rhetorical, I really don’t understand.

I didn’t understand classic movies at all until I had a martini with vermouth in it.

I don’t understand people who say they “love pie.”

I’m inclined to think good news is really bad news. It’s like I don’t trust the news unless I can’t understand it.

I read that in physics you have to publish results before you understand them. Which kind of proves they aren’t thinking too hard about it.

I don’t understand how people remember what happened this year versus last year versus some other time in the past or future. 

Other scientific concepts that “must die”: Continuity of time, the self, the universe.

I understand almost nothing about your life. I don’t understand the mentality.

“God is faithful even when I don’t understand.”

I have high confidence that I will never understand.