Three Poems

By - Apr 5, 2017

I wanna b a mountain

does a mountain still get her period?
I wanna b a racoon
but still date Donny H. like I do now
I see two earths in my eyes in Art Class
in teacher’s mirror
if I go to college, I need it to be Dance College
where I can major in Sex

I need my future to be E-Z
and lazy
with or without Donny
with good jeans
and no cancers
I’ll b a human ATM
and give people cash
I wanna b a lake
but still look great naked
I wanna b a field
and feel when bugs land
I wanna b done with the school day
and eat chocolate in my kitchen
and wonder what’s on TV
or why I’m female
I wanna b a cloud
but still text at the beach
that’s when texting feels best
that’s when I love that boy from camp
that’s when I feel modern and quaint
like a cool Amish bitch
I wanna b God’s girlfriend
and live on other planets
I wanna break up with God
and watch his wrath
and laugh and laugh




I respected my brother when
growing up, he ordered oil & vinegar for his salad
and they brought him a metal contraption
that held two beakers for Einstein
like the scales of justice
yellow oil
and an insane purple




failed History quiz
played dodge-ball
ate pizza bagel
then in Spanish, Mr. Felipé christened me María
he lead me down a flowered path
the air smelt salty like the sea
¿Where is the bibliotheca?
I asked in my most sultry voice

though we both know I hate books






Rachel B. Glaser is the author of the short story collection Pee On Water, the novel Paulina & Fran, and the poetry collections MOODS and HAIRDO. She lives in Northampton, MA and tweets as @candle_face. 

*these poems were previously published in HAIRDO