Hollow Points

By - Dec 10, 2016

Hollow Points
Sept. 11, 2016


Walking around the city
Hoping I don’t see
Anyone I know, old
Air conditioner water
Coming down on 14th Street
Overcast, high of 88, wires
Connected to a head
On Mott, a scab
The shape of Queens


Moved by the beauty of language
The video game called me
“Mostly harmless”
Manhattan is a crustacean
Paraphyletic and sessile
While under a white shell, a cop
So I tuck my shirt in
And walk away, knee pain
Née back pain, the group text:
R u in LA

Purple Rain

Sitting in the park
Thinking about pancakes
Flying into buildings
And other pancakes
Two kids taking themselves
Too seriously
The East River

C Major Scale (feat. White People)

The barbershop sells hats
Moms say “nosh”
God d.b.a. Jesus
The price of my coffee
Is the same as the time: 3.25


I love poetry
And poems
People are different
They’re fine

“What’s Aleppo?”

There’s one fly
A lot bigger
Than the others
Spilled salad
In the ferns
Outside Whole Foods
A feather floats
Above the ground
A truck turning
Sounds like fucking
Our pets love us so
Hair grows, so

Away Message

Waiting in line
Seeing things that aren’t
There, mom called
Could hear a dog
Misbehaving behind her
A sliver of sound
The light turns green
A wild bunch
Crosses the street

Whole Foods

Everyone leaves town
And I stay I see a car
Hit a pedestrian

What is Attention?

The music is too soft
The music is too loud
Her nails are purple
And green
A mysterious cut
Inside the ear, purple
The train is going
Too fast I think
I know the conductor, Bud
He honks and waves having
Gone to college

A Grave Situation

Walls are mirrors
That don’t work (and
Don’t get me started
On mirrors, beers,
Hurricanes, adverbs,
Bands with two drummers,
The Nets, government
Surveillance, that Planet
I know the secret of life
Is to read good books
It’s a fact I keep
Like a car on the street:
The windows may be gone
But the doors remain
And all you can do
Is think, Hey




Andrew Weatherhead holds a degree in Neuroscience from NYU, an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School, and is an Eagle Scout. His first book, Cats and Dogs, was published by Scrambler Books in 2014. He is currently an Editor-in-Chief for LIT Magazine.