By - May 9, 2019


every time i do it to myself i get so many chances. i squeeze my eyes shut and think about what i want more than anything else. tonight i picked Log Cabin. everything goes black and i think: log cabin, log cabin!!!


you ate cat tongue and now it’s april. i got a text at midnight: “she became aware of the bananas and uncoiled herself table-ward.” you eat cookies. the cat tongue is cow intestines. you are a cookie. my little cat tongue rests in my mouth when i am pressed against your chest. it is pleased with itself. you dance. i don’t see it. “isn’t it so sad he died?” i asked my coworker, but i was accidentally smiling. i wear you on my coat. you constantly eat meat. i masturbate like middle school.


Every single one of the notes in my phone shows weakness. Everything I write is for the Hudson River’s coast in Barrytown. A forgettable man brought me to a beach at 9PM as a first date. I was in college; I did not know of this beach and neither did my peers. When I got home Nora said where were you? I took a shoe off and dumped the sand out. I felt mild excitement, and mild disappointment, and so did she.


i love you so much i could just keep my mouth agape and let spit roll right out of it forever. i am so hungry with my love for you it is the fuel with which i fuck everyone else.




Artwork: detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, 1490-1510.