Five Poems

By - Apr 15, 2017


Time poem

If time is money

and I don’t have money

then I don’t have time

for your bullshit



Expressive poem

Most sentences I think are variations of

“this is impossible to understand”

so most sentences I say are variations of

“this is impossible to describe”



Lonely poem

People with personality disorders just

haven’t figured out how to use them

Everyone is defensive

because everyone is defensive

because everyone

is trying to kill everyone

How can I talk about loneliness at a time like this?

like this:

I’m lonely



Sailor Moon poem

She’s at an age where she wants attention

that’s her as a bunny in her kindergarten play

In dad’s name I’ll punish you

I wish I could eat mommy’s pickled radish

one last time

Deceiving them with gentle words

is the best way to do it

forgive me



Quiet poem

I saw that first snow of the season

through the windshield of my drug dealer’s car

and I said

“the first snow of the season”

and it was quiet






Sam Cooke (b. 1991) lives and works in New York with his pet Roborovski hamsters, Accutane and Percocet. Accutane has white fur and Percocet has white fur with brown spots.They are fast hamsters. Accutane is faster than Percocet. Their eyes are black and reflective and unblinking. Thank you for your time.