Five Poems

By - Nov 14, 2018

Domination Spell

Send me memes
Make me cry


Yes, Goddess

You have permission
to touch me

Bring my underwear
to work

Wear the lace
around your neck

Hand me the gloves
that penetrate you

The red pearls on your ass
reflect my image


Fallen Angel

An inclination
toward the erotic
most other interests
Arriving at the long
sexless stretch
in a long-term relationship
Exposures, like small pockets
of air pushing substance
Becoming large
then bursting
Becoming nothing
in an instant
l’ll get stoned
fall asleep quickly
The erotic
could be erotic-er
Wake me for
a blood ritual
A friend keeps telling me
she just wants to be
a normal girl
then changes her mind
and continues to act strangely
which I like and admire
(Specifically the indecision
and unwillingness to commit)
There are different
types of girls
in my flesh
Fluid motion
This one feels lust
and is ashamed
She’s shadowbanned
for wanting pussy
in libraries
Willing the imaginary
into the real
Consuming girl body
Swallowing girl hair
Swallowing your hair, too


Hex Your Ex

You’re crying because
of something I said
It’s so nice to
see you like this


PTSD Affirmation

I can change my life

I am in control

I am in control

I am in control

I am in control