Tetman Callis

Three Stories

By - Apr 6, 2018

The crows have all gone north. Coyotes stay out of town. Insects are slow.
Behind the house, other side of the fence: the breeze.
You think of luxury, of cholera in faraway lands.

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Two Stories

By - Dec 18, 2017

It wasn’t the stiff and desiccated bodies stacked standing behind the closed closet door and it wasn’t the rigor-mortified corpses hanging from the rafters by clotheslines and panty hose, engaging in the gentle sway and rotation characteristic of such bodies in such an array, that got to the cops.

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apple strudel

By - Sep 18, 2017

my mama didn’t raze no fool no sir she razed herself a sporty sophisticate with a taste for fair game and gumbo ...

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