By - Nov 15, 2017


it begins at 00:36:56
i have a second factory visit, with Mao xoxo
hopefully i can die with a conversation about the vacuum
in preparation for mass consumption
yeah but they don’t have conversations about my dad in his house back home
seriously. very interesting stuff. so hard
i wonder, of the age of six to hell the birthday parties the fetal positions
it begins at 00:36:56.
the glitter factories were really small. there you look good
i’d go through them and group them into thematic relevance
with guilt i should cut my american preconceptions
but it’s much more complex, everything felt holy
how many times must i be mass distributed?
unfortunately not. travel eastern philosopher
go to the factory in cursive in english in china. seriously. there
it begins at 00:36:56
the glitter factory was a mega corporate empire
i saw written on people’s tshirts in english that I wasn’t thoughtful enough
to bring my audio from the wild orchid, conch, the praying mantis,
and the first world thread
in china i am the street backwards
who not possible can die with an image D
wednesday the highway for women but of all my friends
i wonder, is the microwave factory that probably produced the other microwave factory really a small sketchy diy with images of a cross on it?
i can move oceans with the week
this will be your Girlfriend for women
but fears for the power hour
stills from the reasons why
you laid me on my back
could even be considered a lot of money/no problem
i’ve been feeling like a shy girl because my violence has been sleepy
but when i think of the interview i recently masturbated on a version of your desire create your listening pleasure
private messages and sexual affirmations
period blood, masturbation with the floating head
first reality behavior second reality behavior third reality behavior
ready to wear DNA packages $303,451 and up
then i will be mass distributed on my forthcoming behavior and sexy girl
I think god i am good in a heart
leave it it’s not there
after seeing a shirt that said How she used mass distributed p2p networks via this week with guilt i feel inside i am a powerful woman
today i decided that i probably produced the reasons why and they aren’t noble
I wore diapers and said How come someone hasn’t noticed
That am a coded message that means you
the art of the street backwards
she who does not travel, eastern philosopher go to hell with an online shop
i wonder, as the queen of the interview why i didn’t use google for the golden title
today i decided to be fun
only with this comes my responsibility to seduce a man I like to kiss and lick you
more head trips yield to false canopy shading the evening
and by night i feel inside is now
i am going to have some part of your fantasy here with me
hello dudes back in china usually in big bold font
i’ve been included in america?
then why not arrange a date with my american totalitarian experience?
WOW wasn’t i the flesh