pop off season

By - Jun 9, 2017

I moved to New York to become a well adjusted person

 I’m broke as a joke
learning all the words to this drake song
  “i’m so hot i’m so right now”
everything means be careful
nothing to be depended on
thank you very much
I don’t know what I’d want
jesus is such a  trauma slut
When I die I will become everything
Crying all night
I am good at my  saintly practice

Holy is the lamb that was slain
The light here is kind and soft
I have this problem with saying no
In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit
Would u rather be crucified or waterboarded

This is a permanent pain
Nothing but a warning

baptism in the kitchen
 I stab you
Because u asked for it
It can’t be this easy to love you
I don’t think u can save me

  I mean crying in starbucks with my iphone on 10%
In my
I look so good
I mean wanting to get away is it own kind of creature
I often feel my body deteriorating
to an authority figure

If I don’t fuck today I’ll die   I swear.
I refuse i lie down with you
I am unable to fuck
   The Girl comes to visit / i allow temporary distractions / relapse from self /
   my cunt _ is hungry

The Girl has come to stay
She sleeps in my crib
She feeds me milk
She follows my shadow
what does a girl gotta do
to say no


a sensation of slipping it is dangerous to be broke and have feelings – it is dangerous to want – I am redeemed

 The Cunt tells The Guy she issss only angel – a good catholic girl _ experiment with conduct _ The Guy gives  _ The CUNT takes – always taking  – idk ur just really stressing me out rn with this narrative of laugh _ life_ love _ i was just trying to dream in my castle of buttermilk  _  visions my future bliss _* thumb in mouth * _ excuseeee mee – one either loves oneself or knows oneself

My CUNT is always leaking

 street sap
just lying there, with its legs open

She lays in her pretty pink bed mouth parted

The Guy –  Oh you want this cock
– this big fat cock-

The cunt _ turns so the audience can see
 ( i only bow to masters in chains)     * winks*
this new line of servitude looks good on me
a self fulfilling prophecy

The cock slides in no sound comes out

**The new black american girl doll is no longer a slave **

( they continue to fuck medium hard – their asses towards the audience )

We are going to be we are becoming free

I repent of
  my consuming desire

This HUNGER  must be met as a small bird

                        You must snap the neck of the small bird

                      Crush it with your heel – dismember  the body

                        Involuntary response to being touched

_ _As sweet as pain to a saint_ _

 In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit
Would u rather be crucified or waterboarded

 I unparcel my humility
in most cases  a violent season indicates
a loss of nothing
a silent rage
                                   I am very forgiving
                         handling my shit
               pissing in the streets
      turning the other cheek

unlearning this animal






Precious Okoyomon is a New York-based poet. She has a toy poodle named Rainbow.