By - Nov 8, 2017

If the world ends tomorrow

you would text me today

don’t worry about a thing

don’t worry baby




You lay there

an entire system breathing

and more

this poem has a riding crop

and a body under

the girlfriend experience in Mykonos

no don’t waste that blowout

let’s go regard model

boats in the park no

let’s all Uber to the beach

for sunset then

stay up drinking

unregarding the nation




I feel cruel optimism

with you it’s cool

Gucci street wear at Maison Premiere

that actual condo in the clouds

just wanna breathe your air

grab your hair

Sunday dusk

you’re looking through your phone

for you it’s just

another late night out




I’m a client

when you send me videos

you make for clients




There’s French theory

in these Uniqlo joggers

amber moves

crystal ferries

life’s rich pageant

all your poses on the internet

she texts me

she texts me not




Come over …

wait did you move to LA?


you’re in SoHo?

I have to walk a dog in Chelsea wanna come by?

no … that’s Sunday

I’m starving, all I’ve had today was avocado toast

and a bag of flaming hot Cheetos

(sounding resigned) Oh okay

I’m sorry I haven’t read your book yet

it’s on my kindle for the trip




Everything you see 

is an ad for something

you can imagine

that media guy you’ve been hanging out with

I hope you turn his adulation into money

at least my good mood is holding




Heyyyy it’s Ben … sorry to leave a voicemail, I really hate it when people do that buttttt …just wanted to see what you were up too this weekend and next weekwe’d talked about getting picklebacks at that place in Williamsburg(?) so I guess just … let me know?