Poems I Like

By - Apr 25, 2018


a poem i like

for me to like a poem

it has to barely be like one

mostly i want it to be coherent

and very short

like six or seven lines, maybe ten or twelve

and it should end with a non sequitur

like when i saw a dog with green paint on it

a bird had something impossible

would you say “between” its beak

i don’t want to call my sister

and now

i’m just waiting for an aberration



a poem written in response to the other one

i’m thinking about a porsche-shaped ferrari

there are marks on the wall from where we measured each other

i think about everything a little

like how a poem has to have a way out

if it wants me to like it

because i don’t want to be anywhere

and when i saw the dog with green paint on it

that didn’t happen

i just wanted to think about it, i’m crying

we sometimes use the word “value”

and i no longer love explaining

but a lot of stuff feels like ticker tape



an obvious, like, terminal twelve-line poem

now i sort of want to call my sister

i don’t know about poems

which is fine, i’m being sensitive

i picked at a scallion

it became fragrant

everything i think or like points to someone

and takes up space

like the way i saw a dog with green paint on it

i might use the word “just”

or care as a defense mechanism

and when stuff starts to feel like a poem

i end with something perfectly coherent