Three Poems

By - Oct 11, 2017

Pale strangers arrive inside me
to deliver lectures
on superior methods of thinking
about our current catastrophe

Other people cook eggs
and have no say at all

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Two Stories

By - Oct 9, 2017

     So this weird fuck goes up to him.
     And he was not armed.
     The weird fuck, who knew?
     I’m Wolf Larssen, the weird fuck says.

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The Cut in Half Man

By - Oct 4, 2017

They found the cut in half man cut in half with just one half of him to be found.

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From “Cosmic Ray Coincidence Amplifier”

By - Oct 2, 2017

  getting on with it could be my purpose or it could be my function but my style is to hate ...

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Sexual Dogs

By - Sep 29, 2017

When they handcuffed her and led her down the long glass corridors of her mansion, and down 100 floors via the elevator, the public and the paparazzi were quick to take snapshots. They were trying to capture the portrait of perversity.

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Four Poems

By - Sep 27, 2017

    UNDRESS Not so fast Pull up your skirt Hike it up one thigh Take off the bra Wait, ...

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Sunday Peace

By - Sep 25, 2017

  Mrs. Krummholz dipped her bread in a cup, watched runnels of coffee drip through the tunneling inside the ...

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excerpt of “The Way of Florida”

By - Sep 20, 2017

     The hills are bigger than the hills, bended down from out of where they come, stacked and sided and running ...

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apple strudel

By - Sep 18, 2017

my mama didn’t raze no fool no sir she razed herself a sporty sophisticate with a taste for fair game and gumbo ...

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Two Poems

By - Sep 15, 2017

POEM FOR MY IMPOSTER SYNDROME Stay up late at night I suck / no talent / have you all fooled Go to sleep Dream ...

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By - Sep 11, 2017

He does not know how to find the studs. He still goes around the rooms drilling holes into the walls. He inserts ...

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By - Sep 11, 2017

Cruel men have kidnapped me. And housed me in a cement cage. Chained to the wall. There is no light. Or ...

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