The Dying Woman Who Looked Smaller and Older Than My Wife

By - Jul 17, 2018

They had most of her body covered up with sheets and blankets and she seemed to be too small to be my wife. Her head was propped up with a pillow and they had laid her hair out on it, but her hair looked too thin and too gray to be my wife’s hair.

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How My Wife Would Not Wake Up

By - Jul 16, 2018

My wife looked so light in their arms. I wanted to lift her up too.

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By - Jul 13, 2018

We walked for over an hour, and a lot of it I was quiet, thinking how can I ever be happy again? At the house, where our hosts spoke to us in Italian, our room was cool and dark, the windows shut, only slits of light from the spaces in the closed wooden shutters.

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Five Stories

By - Jul 9, 2018

I dug a hole today. The ground was muddy and wet. My friends helped me dig the hole.

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Three Poems

By - Jul 5, 2018

Everyone shivering in their
Leather jackets
Eating sandwiches named after
Serial killers

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excerpt from “Bad-Asses”

By - Jul 2, 2018

I ran to the kitchen and took the butcher knife out of the drawer. I put it behind my back and ran back to the porch. The crowd had grown, and everybody was chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

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