Four of Žižek’s Jokes

By - Jun 20, 2018

Today, the old joke about a rich man telling his servant «Throw out this destitute beggar – I’m so sensitive that I can’t stand seeing people suffer!» is more appropriate than ever.

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Two Stories

By - Jun 18, 2018

S had lost all in gambling, joined the anonymous group, then gambled penny stocks with self-created algorithm.


Then lost.

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Knife Boy David

By - Jun 11, 2018

There are usually two people trapped inside one sad body: someone who wants to die and someone who wants to live. There are stress lines on a stranger’s face that go years and years down all the way to the bone.

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By - Jun 8, 2018

Gnawed at my foot like it was stuck in the trap of being a foot. Delighted, at times, in the chewy gloom of the thing.

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By - Jun 4, 2018

The moon sunk low enough to wear it as a feedbag. His craters amassed with period, the dead egg sacrament, territories slurped free of kin, hushing about how we are all one on his big receipt.

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