By - Apr 13, 2018

  In the windowless laundry room that doubles as my bedroom, Cellar fills me in. “Stevenson’s brother, last ...

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excerpt of The Garbage Times/White Ibis

By - Apr 11, 2018

It was my guy Keith. 

I used to drink and smoke weed with him when I didn’t have a job. 

‘Crazy Keith.’

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By - Apr 9, 2018

I am going to bring a great deal of criticism on myself.

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Three Stories

By - Apr 6, 2018

The crows have all gone north. Coyotes stay out of town. Insects are slow.
Behind the house, other side of the fence: the breeze.
You think of luxury, of cholera in faraway lands.

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Louise Nevelson

By - Apr 4, 2018

This is the math that the shameful fail to see: Those who feel no shame can also feel no love. They may feel other things, but love is absolutely denied them.

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Edge Players

By - Apr 2, 2018

I reached, and he was yawning, this huge yawn, mouth gaping unselfconsciously, and somehow, before I was aware of it happening, my hand went straight into his open mouth.

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