Facts of Steel

By - Mar 19, 2018

Nothing would please me more than for me as an artist to be free to sit here and tell you the truth. But they won’t let me do it. May I tell you something? They will not let me do it.

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Yes, This is Esther

By - Mar 18, 2018

Each hand resembles the mock pistol that people mock kill themselves with sometimes, hammer thumb and barrel fingers, and right now, frankly always, she feels like mock killing herself, mock ending it all right there at work in front of everyone…

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Excerpt of “Temporal”

By - Mar 12, 2018

I woke up to a bunch of shuffling and banging coming from upstairs. Then Cody’s dad, Larry, full-on burst through the bedroom door at six in the morning, still in his briefs, yelling, “Sam, Sam, wake up! Your folks, their house is on fire.”

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Two Prose Poems

By - Mar 7, 2018

I feel like a five-star restaurant, but I am a fish. I feel like an ethical imperative, but I am a listicle. I feel like an aesthetic, but I’m wrong. I am a listicle.

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